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Reserve Your M5 Aeroscan Blade Measuring System TODAY!

Please see this wonderful offering to the global propeller market.  This is the M5 Blade Scanning System that allows the global operator to scan blades in mere minutes (7-8 minutes).   After the scan the machine will record and report blade width, thickness, blade angle, as well as face and edge alignment.  This will report is color coded to identify when near minimums are met (yellow) and when a blade measurement falls beneath minimums (red).

The report is easy to understand and the process is as simple as loading the blade and clicking scan.  This could provide a MAJOR cost savings to the customer, by providing the capability to quickly prescreen blades going out for repair and/or overhaul.  This machine will greatly reduce the chance of shipping scrap blades in for repair or overhaul, thus saving enormous shipping costs both ways.

We are currently taking orders now.  So if this is something you are interested in, please let us know.  Act now to get at the top of the production list.  Please see the digital flyer below for more details and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.




Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff Highly Impressed with Innovative C-130 Propeller Overhaul Collaboration

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG, The 5000 flight hour overhaul of the C-130 Hercules 54H60 propeller can now be handled at home by the Indonesian Air Force Technicians. This process was previously always done abroad.

Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff (KASAU), Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna, S.E., M.M., accompanied by Marsda Air Force Material Maintenance Commander (Koharmatau) TNI Dento Priyono and staff visited Depo Maintenance (Depohar) 10 Tuesday (12/11/19).

Air Force Chief of Staff, Yuyu Sutisna saw firsthand the maintenance capabilities of the Air Force technicians at Depohar 10 Bandung.  The Air Force Chief of Staff said, “He was very proud to see the performance of the technicians being able to carry out the maintenance processes to overhaul the C-130 propellers.  This overhaul capability was obtained in 2018 from The United States Government’s Assistance program.”

This is an extraordinary achievement for Koharmatau’s Depot 10 technicians being able to overhaul the propellers in country now and not having to send them overseas for overhaul.

Meanwhile Commander Dento Priyono felt very happy and satisfied with the achievements of his staff units.  The Commander noted,  “ This achievement is a good collaboration from all parties so that it produces an output which deserves appreciation from the leadership for carrying the good name for the Indonesian Air Force.”Cli

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