Defense and industry leaders

PPI Technical Services is a company of defense and industry leaders. Our team is made up of former military technicians and leaders as well as accomplished business managers across the globe. The combined experience and success of PPI Technical Services’ managers gives our customers confidence and the trust they deserve to deliver the results they expect.

Rusty Von Querner - General Manager

VP-30 Fleet Readiness Squadron (FRS) “The Pro’s Nest” he served as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Flight Engineer and was part of Air Demonstration Team

Rusty Von Querner joined the United States Navy in 1992 as an Aviation Mechanist Mate for the P-3C Orion. He brings an extensive maintenance background specializing in 54H60 propellers and T-56 power plants. During his tenure he became a Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) for all P-3C Orion aircraft systems and Plane Captain.

In 1996 Rusty continued his development in aviation and became a qualified P-3C Orion Flight Engineer and went on to become an Instructor Flight Engineer (IFE). He has attained over 7,000 flight hours and held qualifications as High/Low power Turn-up and Functional Check Flight Engineer. As an instructor he has taught countless upgrading Flight Engineers and Pilots on component location, theory of operation, maintenance and repairs, and troubleshooting.

During his military career while at the VP-30 Fleet Readiness Squadron (FRS) “The Pro’s Nest” he served as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Flight Engineer and was part of Air Demonstration Team performing over 40 air shows demonstrating the dynamic capabilities of the Mighty P-3C Orion. Rusty also extensively developed new curriculum for the Navy’s Fleet and FRS flight engineer training program leading to cutting edge training and instruction.

Rusty has a wide range of experience from flight line operations and maintenance, system and component troubleshooting, on aircraft repairs, and in the shop maintenance.

In 2012 Rusty retired from the Navy with twenty plus years of hands-on aviation maintenance and flight operations experience. Rusty joined PPI Technical Services LLC in 2012 as a Training Coordinator. He has continued to develop the training series for the 54H60 propeller systems and is actively coordinating a curriculum for the expansion of PPITS training in the aviation field to include Structures, NDI, and Hydraulics.

Rusty is now the General of PPI Technical Services and will continue to lead this business into the future.

Jeremy Callaghan - Project Manager

Jeremy Callaghan joined the United States Air Force in September 2009, as a Security Forces apprentice.

He volunteered to deploy just two months after arriving at his first duty station. Once he returned, he was entrusted to advise Commanders as the Unit Training Manager where he oversaw 144 personnel training records and upgrade training. Jeremy then moved on to leading and directing Airmen in a high-stress no-fail mission for the Nuclear Enterprise, overseeing the Weapons Storage Area. His team expertly navigated stressful Nuclear Surety Inspections passing all aspects.

Jeremy soon after cross-trained into becoming a K-9 Handler. During his time as a handler, he deployed to the Middle East three times supporting various explosive detection missions. These missions centered on locating various Homemade Explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices with his K-9 Partner. In addition, he also augmented the United States Secret Service for protection details for various leaders both in country and internationally.

Jeremy moved up the ladder quickly, becoming a Trainer and Kennel Master in just four years. Before Jeremy separated from the service, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree and was selected to oversee the United States Air Force Central Command, as the Military Working Dog Program Manager.

In this role, he oversaw work centers in nine countries and over 50 personnel. He was directly responsible for policy development, manpower and communicating needs to higher headquarters. Additionally, he was responsible for all logistics deploying and re-deploying handlers back home. He oversaw Liaisons in four countries, successfully completed over 130 movements around the world, on time.

Jeremy is now the Project Manager for PPI Technical Services.

Tony Payne - Global Training Program Specialist

Tony Payne began his career in aviation as a P-3 Flight Engineer for the United States Navy, out of Kaneohe Bay, HI.

During his tenure from 2009 to 2015, he was awarded two Air Medals in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and flew 58 combat missions. With over 2,000 hours of experience in-flight monitoring of complex aircraft systems, Tony earned his Functional Check Flight (FCF) qualification to help support his squadron in bringing mission-critical aircraft up safe for flight.

In 2015, Tony attended the University of Texas at Austin, earning his Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing. While earning his degree, Tony worked as a Leasing Consultant for a Multifamily Property Management company and aided in the development of new compliance procedures for local assets.

After graduating UT with honors in 2019, Tony applied his project management skills as a Client Success Manager for a marketing startup company, allowing him the opportunity to craft new bulk project guidelines and instructions to help reduce turnaround time. In his collateral duties, Tony chaired a business strategy committee tasked with shaping company operations including the evaluation of current policy and procedures and crafting ideal training programs for each position.

Roelof Janse van Rensburg - TWS Program Manager

Roelof joined the South African Air force (SAAF) in 1983, starting his career as an aircraft technician.

Bases at 28 Squadron, doing flight line maintenance on Hercules C-130B models, and furthered his studies to obtain his Mechanical Engineering Diploma. Seven years later he joined Safair Pty Ltd and completed his studies to become a certified aircraft maintenance engineer through the South African Civil Aviation Authorities (SACAA). In this position, he held several licenses on C-130, B707, B727, B737, CASA, AND MD 82 aircraft. During 18 Years at Safair, he did several courses like Maintenance and Asset Management, Train the trainer, Occupational Health and Safety, Radiation protection officer, Power Negotiating Skills Course, Expert Witness, and Assessment, Coaching and Mentoring. In 1994 Roelof entered the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) field obtaining American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) level 11 in Ultrasonic testing, Radiography testing, Electro Magnetic testing, Penetrant testing, and Magnetic Particle testing. He was promoted to NDT supervisor and the Wheel and Brake section.

In 2007 he joined the School of Applied Non-Destructive Examination (SANDE) as a lecturer. Being registered with the Transport and Education Training Authorities (TETA) an Assessor and Moderator he used the NDT Unit Standards to qualify NDT staff.

In 2008 he accepted a position in “DENEL SAAB Aerostructures” running the NDT production facility on manufacturing aircraft parts.

In 2009 he accepted a position abroad in Saudi Arabia working for Alsalam placed in the Royal Saudi air force (RSAF) to assist and train the NDT personnel there. In 2011 Roelof was asked to open a Silverwing branch back in South Africa. Here he was appointed as Consultant and branch manager of operations all over Africa, training and installing NDT equipment.

From here Roelof was appointed in 2012 as NDT production manager for Aero Test NDT CC. Overseeing inspections at several civil aviation maintenance companies not just in South Africa but also in Africa.

In 2015 he joined PPITS as NDT program manager in Indonesia and this rolled over to the HSS program.

Currently, he is appointed as the Tire and wheel shop (TWS) program manager also for PPITS.

Bryan Chow - Calibration Specialist

Bryan Chow brings an extensive calibration and metrological background specializing in electrical and dimensional calibrations.

In 2010, Bryan attended the University of Washington in Seattle earning his Bachelors of Science in Applied Physics. After graduating from UW in 2014, Bryan began his career in commercial calibration working at Fluke Electronics in Everett, WA performing calibrations on metrology-grade calibration equipment. He has worked closely with various metrologists to develop new automation programs and has developed automation programs of his own. By the end of working at Fluke, he became a SME on calibrating Fluke 55xx and 57xx Multifunction Calibrators.

Throughout his career, he has taken on quality assurance roles ensuring compliance to various standards and working with auditors to ensure lab compliance. After leaving Fluke Electronics, Bryan worked at Simco Electronics where he learned how to calibrate equipment from a wide range of disciplines. With a strong metrological background, he has been able to develop various calibration procedures adapting various calibration equipment to accomplish unique measurement tasks for which they are not principally used.

He has become a trainer for new technicians who have little to no experience calibrating equipment teaching metrological principles, uncertainty analysis, and equipment operation.

Gavin Troskie - PRS Program Manager

After graduating from Merensky High school (Limpopo, South Africa) Gavin joined the South African Air Force in 2010 to begin his theoretical aviation training

In September 2012, Gavin joined 28 Squadron as an Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice working on the C-130BZ where he qualified as an Aircraft Technician in May 2014. In October 2017, he left the SAAF and joined Safair Operations as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer doing heavy maintenance (B and C level) on the civilian version of the C-130G/H as well as the Allison T56 Engine and Hamilton 54H60-117 Propeller. Gavin also gained experience doing heavy maintenance on the Boeing 737-400 and 737-800 aircraft. In June 2022, he became a Mechanical instructor at Safair until his resignation in January 2023. Gavin is currently under contract with PPITS as the Project Manager in the Philippines working to develop the Philippine Air Force Hamilton 54H60 Propeller Repair Shop capabilities.

Scott Jerald Olson - PMEL Program Manager

From Lake Norden South Dakota

Scott started out as a Diesel Mechanic in 1985 working in Big Stone South Dakota.  He then joined Air Force as a Calibration Technician in 1987, proudly serving 21 years. Following his military service, Scott worked for Y-Tech for 7 years as a Calibration Technician contractor on Eielson AFB. After his tenure at Eielson AFB, Scott worked at Ft Wainwright as an Army civil service Calibrator for 4.5 years. Troubleshooting broken equipment and determining alternative ways to successfully accomplish difficult missions are two of Scott’s strongest skills throughout his career. He is currently helping Bandung, Indonesia Depot 10 develop its own calibration program.