Assisting the Indonesian Air Force

The Challenge

Since 1946, the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) has strived to defend and dominate Indonesia airspace and its territory. As their military expanded and grew in age, TNI-AU was expectedly faced with the decision to keep the status quo of waning C-130 maintenance or would they seek to enhance their capabilities through cutting-edge aviation maintenance training programs.

The Solution

TNI-AU chose to work with PPI Technical Services LLC, through the US government FMS process. PPI Technical Services’ aviation maintenance experience helped TNI-AU improve mission capability by providing training, mentorship, and logistical support across all four backshops. PPI Technical Services also worked with a network of US-based vendors to provide much needed upgrades to aging tooling and support equipment with fiscal responsibility in mind at all times.

Indonesian Air Force

indonesian c130


Unmatched capability enhancement without additional personnel.
Since this endeavor began, TNI-AU has enjoyed an enormous leap-ahead in terms of mechanic know-how and their staff’s overall ability to effectively manage their backshops. Personnel were evaluated thoroughly from the onset, to measure their existing knowledge and capability to prevent redundant, costly, and unnecessary training. Then, PPI Technical Services developed solution-tailored training plans beginning with repairs, and then built on the solid foundation set forth. This undertaking has increased TNI-AU’s capability tenfold, with no increases in manpower throughout their shops.

Tremendous logistical and supply management guidance!
In the last few years, TNI-AU has achieved tremendous improvements in turnaround times on component repairs and has achieve mission success within their aircraft fleet. The spares inventory is now organized and provides solutions to meet the rigorous demands in aircraft maintenance. Since selecting PPI Technical Services as a partner, growth of their rotable pool has increased 85%, with little-to-no rejections in consumption.

The unparalleled plating facility is providing outstanding results.
Multi-million dollar plating facility significantly improves TNI-AU aircraft applications across the board. This completely revamped facility is the crown jewel of TNI-AU’s backshops. Teaming with a premier vendor, Precision Process, this infrastructure upgrade has allowed dramatic decreases in shipping costs to TNI-AU outside vendors. This comprehensive solution provided TNI-AU with the self sufficiency they required.

Streamlined maintenance procedures and enriched overall quality!
After TNI-AU staff was comfortable with the world-class on the job training, PPI Technical Services tackled the obstacle of inner depot communication and coordination. PPITS provided guidance and mentorship driving home a sound quality program in accordance with US military standards. PPI Technical Services staff’s exhaustive commercial/military aviation experience allowed them to seamlessly provide results in quality.

Fiscal stewardship displayed by PPI Technical Services freed funds for non-contractual upgrades
During the life of TNI-AU contracts, PPI Technical Services consistently sought out cost-saving alternatives, options, and solutions. Over $500K was reallocated in order to provide value added benefits outside of contract parameters. This conservation and oversight of costs afforded the opportunity to greatly exceed TNI-AU expectations.

Backshop Profiled:
54H60 Repair & Overhaul Shop
C-130 Structural Repair Shop
Non-Destructive Inspection Shop
Plating Shop
Machine Shop
Hydraulic Shop
Tire & Wheel Shop
Propeller Repair Shop
Engine Repair Shop

Customer: TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force)
Location: Bandung, Indonesia
Industry: Military Aviation
Platforms: C-130 & CN-235

  • Vastly increased capability in 54H60 Propeller Shop.
  • Expertly sourced and procured hard to acquire specialty tooling.
  • Met 30% of program milestones ahead of schedule, with remaining 70% completed on time and on budget.
  • Flawlessly increased spares inventory to meet mission demands.

Value-Added Training

The Challenge

PPI Technical Services identified a market demand for 54H60 Propeller refresher training throughout the numerous fleets utilizing this product line. With operational personnel reassignment, personnel attrition, and overall loss of experienced product line experts throughout the operators worldwide, PPI Technical Services sought out to fill the vacuum.

The Solution

By collaboratively working with the United States Navy, PPITS was able to comprehensively designed a course to afford mechanics with a second-to-none training and competency development. Since this courses inception operators world-wide have positively advanced their competency, turnaround times, and mission success through this highly effective backshop and flightline training.

PPI Technical Trainin


Unrivaled value added training, in which ROI was immediately realized.

Since this course venture began, the USN, USMC, NASA, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have observed marked improvement in mechanics operating within their organizations. Feedback from these organizations is a testament to the services PPI Technical Services provided. Bottom line costs of this training program has been realized almost immediately to our customers, with reimbursement apparent in reduction of costs in depot returns, work accomplished in house, and vast operational knowledge gained in the aspect of time critical troubleshooting.

Consultation, recommendations and guidance provided by PPI Technical Services is outstanding!

The course of the last 10 years, PPI Technical Services has been available day or night or via telephone, for the most challenging propeller discrepancies. Customers have entrusted PPI Technical Services staff with providing sound assistance in repair, troubleshooting, and operational guidance. This trust has been developed due to the extensive experience PPI Technical Services staff possesses. With over 68 years of cumulative 54H60 Propeller experience on our staff, our customer’s trust is something we respect and never take for granted.

Unmatched prompt customer service we rely on!
PPI Technical Services has also provided tooling, support equipment, parts, and consumables services to these customers. In this aging product line, PPI Technical Services understands our customers dependency on us to accommodate their needs in logistics. With the relationships built in this industry, PPI Technical Services has been able to provide competitive pricing on these hard-to-find commodities. These fundamental partnerships have enabled PPI Technical Services to set ourselves head and shoulders above our competitors. PPI Technical Services also utilizes our sister company, Pacific Propeller International LLC, to acquire proprietary tooling that is required in maintenance and operation of this propeller to replace out of date tooling.


US Navy
US Marine Corps
Lockheed CBP
National Research Council (Canada)

Industry: Domestic/Military Aviation
Location: Worldwide
Platforms: C-130, P-3, Super Guppy, Convair 580

  • 54H60 Training Program has improved mission readiness worldwide.
  • Time critical consultation and troubleshooting on AOG discrepancies.