Strategically Placed Throughout the World

With company representatives and business partners strategically placed throughout the world, PPI Technical Services provides an unmatched network of technical and business resources ready to help our clients achieve their goals; whether it’s aerospace technical training needed in Africa, a specialized maintenance facility that needs to be set up in Asia, or a small manufacturing business in America that wants to compete for an international defense contract…PPI Technical Services has the processes, the knowledge and the decades of success that can be called on to get it done.


As a subsidiary of Precision Aerospace Products, our group of companies have been engaged in the international defense business for years… in one instance over 60 years. PPI Technical Services is proud to partner with top American manufacturers distributing some of the highest quality, technologically advanced, and most reliable defense products available. In association with our subsidiary companies, we provide products to government clients and technical services to industry partners around the globe.


The mission of PPI Technical Services is to offer our clients a single-source partner providing a wide variety of technical resources that help operations perform better. From our years of technical training experience, we offer training and training expertise. From our decades of international defense contracting we offer the knowledge and know-how to get business done. And from the years of key relationships we have built with both industry and government, we offer the ‘connection’ necessary to bring parties together.


PPI Technical Services will continue to expand and increase our knowledge base, the cultural understanding of our customers, and the needs of commercial and defense operators globally. We will endeavor to provide answers to satisfy their requirements efficiently and cost effectively…better than anyone else.


The highest quality of our deliverables to customers will never be compromised. It is our first priority.
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PPI's Mission
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