Markets Accross the Globe

PPI Technical Services has established agents, partners, and customers around the world. We have created strong relationships with military and commercial operators in diverse geographic and industry sectors. We continue to grow our footprint throughout the globe.

North America

American market The aerospace industry’s growth rate has continued strongly, due to the rising passenger travel demand and the production of next generation fuel-efficient aircraft. PPI Technical Services works with our military and commercial partners providing custom-tailored aviation services to fit any demand.

South America

South America

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that, “Brazil will increase passenger numbers by 170 million and rise from 10th to 5th in total market.” For this reason, PPI Technical Services is making the rapid growth in South America one of its top market priorities. PPI Technical Services provides these growing commercial markets with comprehensive service solutions.


Asian Market

Asia continues to remain a leader in the aviation sector with new passenger demands and requirements to meet every day. To address this rapidly increasing demand, PPI Technical Services is actively working with organizations within Asia to provide our customers with the most comprehensive aviation solutions found anywhere in the world. With current efforts in Structures, Hydraulics, NDI, as well as propellers, our business ties in this market could not be stronger.


african market

With a predicted growth of +4.7% and 177 million additional passengers by 2034 in Africa, according to IATA, PPI Technical Services recognizes the developing need for aviation services in this area of the world. PPI Technical Services is making a strong move to strengthen the non-destructive inspection capabilities throughout the region. PPI Technical Services is currently working with its partners in both North Africa and South Africa.


European Market

As aviation continues to shrink the globe, PPI Technical Services works with European partners to provide consultation, training, and comprehensive operational plans in order to keep these organizations ahead of the growing consumer demand. We are proud to support production management, logistical support, and real-time technical assistance throughout the European market.