USG Contracting


Navigating DoD contracts can be daunting, and no one likes a headache. PPI Technical Services has mastered this complex process, completing contracts in the propeller, engine, plating, NDI, hydraulics, calibration labs, and structures. We’re ready to leverage our expertise and experience to streamline procurement, attract new opportunities, and optimize fleet backshop performance for your organization.

Why Choose Us?

PPI Technical Services is a small business with deep roots in aviation consulting and sustainment. We understand the critical role maintenance and training play in ensuring mission-ready aircraft. That’s why we focus on enhancing back shop capabilities and ensuring your technicians receive top-notch training. And we have fun while doing it.

We leverage our real-world experience and industry knowledge to tackle every project, no matter the size. Our commitment to strong OEM partnerships ensures your goals are met. As stewards of your success, you can count on PPI Technical Services for capability, competency, capacity, integrity, tenacity, credibility, and perseverance. When we say we’ve soared past propellers, we mean it.

Government Channels


With a deep understanding of government contracting and foreign military sales, PPI Technical Services expertly guides you through every step. We are committed partners, investing our time and expertise to achieve your goals throughout the entire process. As a valued PPI Technical Services customer, you’ll benefit from:

  • WAWF
  • Crating and Palletizing RFID/ Barcoding in accordance with current regulations
  • Export Management
  • USG Source Inspection
  • DOD Compliant
  • USG DCMA Audited
  • USG DCAA Audited
  • DTCC Compliance

PPITS Satisfied Customers

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Philippine Air Force | Egyptian Air Force | Royal Jordanian Air Force | Nigerian Air Force | Royal Thai |
Air Force | Algerian Air Force | Chilean Air Force | Argentinian Air Force | Ecuadorian Air Force |
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Administration | United States Customs and Border Patrol | Blue Aerospace |

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