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USAF TCTOs 1C-130-2251, 3H1-18-515 and 3H1-18-516 are creating operational pressure worldwide.

Pacific Propeller International Technical Services in conjunction with sister companies Pacific Propeller International and C&S Propeller have the resources and solutions to maximize fleet readiness during this period of complex compliance requirements.

Many operators do not possess the ability to disassemble propellers and perform the necessary inspections and repairs in-house. This will impact those operators with added AOG time while propellers are sent back to an I-level or depot facility to perform these inspections. Excessive AOG time for multiple aircraft within a country’s fleet can result in those effected militaries not being able to respond to national emergencies, protection, natural disasters, loss of pilot and crew proficiency and qualifications.

Operators also face further problems after removing propellers from aircraft to perform these inspections. They will certainly have additional repair work to perform on these propellers to return them to an airworthy status. A lot of operators don’t have the capability, tools/equipment, training or technical expertise to perform such repairs. They are faced with further AOG time or make an unadvised decision to put a propeller back in service without the needed repairs.  In short, after the dust has settled from the TCTO releases, the operators are left wondering what to do and how to get their aircraft back flying as soon as possible.

TCTO 3H1-18-516 & 1C-130-2251 Inspection and Removal of 54H60 Propeller Blades Serial Numbers Prior to SN 813320

TCTO 3H1-18-515 Eddy Current Inspection

TCTO March 2019 expected release – Expedite TCTO 3H1-18-515


Pacific Propeller International response

As the officially licensed OEM MRO for the 54H60 propeller, PPI has reviewed the TCTO releases and quickly identifying the immediate impact these have had and will have on the global fleet, as well as on PPI’s ability to support the C-130 community worldwide and evaluate the long- and short-term effects to the company.

Our Solution

Pacific Propeller International Technical Services is creating rapid action maintenance/inspection (RAM) teams, which are comprised of 54H60 propeller and NDI experts.  These RAM teams will provide the most comprehensive solution packages and offerings to all global C-130 operators in preparation of the release of Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) 3H1-18-515.  This TCTO instructs operators to perform eddy current inspections on an accelerated timeline.  Our teams will be ready to deploy globally to address any unique issues regarding mission readiness, operational commitments, and AOG situations that may arise with the release of this time compliance order.  Our solutions can be tailored to small, medium, or large-scale C-130 fleets, with a focus on our customer’s C-130 mission readiness FIRST!


Customer Focused Approach

The heart of our process approach is the customer’s C-130 mission readiness. With that in mind our process is highly adaptable, because each customer’s C-130 fleet is unique. Our four-part process will focus on:

  • Impact of TCTO implementation, along with size, scale, and scope
  • Onsite propeller disassembly, reassembly, and testing
  • Onsite eddy current inspection
  • Minor propeller repairs that maybe discovered such as Teflon, packing, and *heater replacement

In short PPI Technical Services will deploy to your global C-130 fleets, tailor a plan, execute, and return the propellers to service faster than the traditional MRO/Depot means available to global operators. By bringing our RAM teams to you, your aircraft are returned to service much more expeditiously.


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As the officially licensed OEM MRO for the 54H60 propeller, the field service solutions we provide allow us to serve our customers with a world class rapid and decisive response.  Our primary goal is providing global operators safe, yet expeditious solutions to fulfill their global missions.  At times operators may face frustration and confusion within the industry, and that’s why they turn to Pacific Propeller International, PPI Technical Services, and C&S Propeller. We are the world leader in the 54H60 propeller market, and our services are unmatched!

RAM Team Service Request Form

    USAF Technical OrdersCollins (UTAS/Hamilton Sunstrand) OEM Manuals


    YesNoPartial (See Checklist)
    Blade HeatersBlade TeflonsDome ResealBlade Angle CorrectionsLPS AdjustmentBlade/Segment Gear Shimming
    YesNoPartial (See Checklist)

    PPITS expects to begin launching our services teams by mid-June 2019. We will however be creating a priority list of requests based on a first come first serve basis.


    Downloadable-PDF. Complete and return to email address ([email protected]).